How to's


One of the things that I've been struggling with is collimation of the C-14 optics.  With my SN-10 Schmidt-Newtonian I had some great tools to accomplish this.  Now with the SCT it's a different story.  As I progress with this process I'll share the tips that I learn.

Polar Alignment

To minimize to handling of the scope during the winter I've decided to set the SN10 up on my deck.  The view from the deck looks southwest this means that the celestial north is hidden from view by the rear wall of my house.  I initially tried to figure out true north by using  a compass and figuring out the difference between magnetic north.  While surfing the web I came across another and easier way.  Using the shadow of the sun when it transits I was able to accurately mark out true north and south on my deck.  To do this I used a five foot 3/4" pole that I fixed onto a small flat board.  I used the Navel Observatory site to figure out what the transit time would be.  I then used the time on my cell phone to get the correct time and when the transit occurred I placed two small marks showing North and South.  The shadow moves fast so I would recommend marking North first and then South.  The mark was placed directly in the middle of the shadow.